Beauty and the technological beasts

What are they feeding grads these days!?

Some exceptional entries into this year’s Global Grad Show – an event that brings together 100 new graduate projects; a few that are taking on world problems in health and the environment.

270 universities submitted a total of 1,600 projects! But you don’t have time for that, so here’s the pick of the bunch.

👂 This wearable Sense Glucose Earring monitors blood sugar levels and gives feedback in real time, revolutionising how people can manage their type 1 diabetes. It incorporates safe high‑frequency radio‑waves that penetrate through the lobe and provide data on the characteristics of the blood without the need for blood samples. The earring only requires a single lobe piercing, is discreet and can be personalised, and encourages frequent testing.

💨 Airtomo is an air purification device that’s cleaning up streets near you – literally near you… because this device a wearable too, able to attach to your shoes or backpack. Airtomo releases enough atomised water to clean 167 litres of air every minute. The water vapour binds particles to form larger aggregates which fall to the ground and remove them from the air. Incredibly useful in areas of high pollution like the London Underground!

Kudos to this year’s grads who’ve truly shown that design can be both beautiful and functional.

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